Finnish school offers 10 scholarships for high school students!

The Finnish School in Kosovo has launched the internationally recognized Cambridge International AS & A Levels program for high school students, a program which offers students world-class certification only at the Finnish School to be admitted to the most prestigious universities in the world after completion of these studies. At the launch, the announcement of the application for the provision of 10 scholarships for study in this program for students in grades 10 and 11 ranging from 30% to 100% was announced.

Scholarship application link:

During the launch, the Director of the Finnish School, Kaija-Leena Salovaara, said that for the first time in Kosovo, a diploma and program for high school students accredited by Cambridge will be offered. She said that this certification will play an essential role in guiding students in their future career development, while integrating subjects in different fields at the same time.

The British Embassy Cultural Attaché in Kosovo and the Director of the British Council, Angus Bjarnason, said that no matter what field students study, they need specific skills that this program offers in future vocational training with a unique approach to the two curricula. valued in the world. While the Deputy Ambassador of Finland in Kosovo, Sargit Salakari, congratulated the Finnish School for the quality level of education it offers in Kosovo society where it will now integrate a sophisticated Cambridge curriculum in addition to the Finnish one. Mrs. Salakari added that this international qualification will open many opportunities for students across the globe and will equip them with the right life skills as well as serve as a guide in their academic and professional development.

The application for scholarships offered by the Finnish School remains open from March 6 to April 6, 2020 and can be done through this link. Upon receipt of applications, students will pass to the testing phase which includes knowledge in English and mathematics where students must also bring with them their transcripts of their studies in lower secondary school and the points achieved in semi-matriculation test (if students have already completed the test). This assessment is followed by the student interview phase during April 20-24 and finally the announcement of scholarships on May 6, 2020.

With the number 1 system in the world for education; with the best teachers in the world, the Finnish ones; with the most advanced technology and educational iPad for each student; with learning based on phenomena and games, not subjects; and with a completely different approach to 21st century learning and skills development for our children, the Finnish School in Kosovo is being seen as a revolution in Kosovo’s education system. The school has an innovative campus in the district of QMI, and for more information you can contact 045 235 650, or Facebook:

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