Why FSK? 

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As we see radical changes fueled by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, only an education focused on attributes rather than skills will be able to support this change. We need schools that develop empathy, socialization, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship. The goal is to support the children’s balanced growth, development and learning. They learn the importance of building relationships and develop social, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Inspired by the great example of Finnish education system, with the best teachers in the world, the most innovative learning methods, and unique educational technology, we present to you: The Finnish School of Kosova.

Today’s job market increasingly searches for curiosity, problem solving and creativity. So, children need to develop these skills to answer the job market demands when they reach adultood. They need to learn how to think critically and be creative.

At Finnish School of Kosova, we enhance pupil participation and increase the meaningfulness of learning and enabling every child to feel successful. There is no competition but more collaboration.

The nature of a child is to learn new things, to be inquisitive, and curious about the surrounding. The curriculum at Finnish School of Kosova is built on this, placing children’s needs at the heart of education planning. We provide inspiring classrooms and learning environments- architecture, design, and technology. We believe this leads to an efficiency and productivity, where students have real independence, an active role in what and how they learn, and genuinely hold a key to unlocking their own potential.

Our approach therefore can be characterized by a concern to put the wellbeing of children at the forefront, with teachers contributing to a supportive and close relationship with their students.

Finnish School of Kosova is an ecosystem growing every kid into a smart, healthy, creative, and happy person.   

Our Approach 

In our school, we use:

Technology and games to individualize the learning for every student;

Outdoor learning, sports and unique learning environment design to improve the health and wellbeing of our students;

Integrated arts and crafts to develop creativity and team dynamics; and

Kitchen science, programming and robotics to develop a love for STEM.

Our goal is to develop smart, healthy, social and creative individuals for the 4th industrial revolution.

10 Reasons why Finnish School of Kosovo is the right place for your child!

#Human’sFirst: our approach is to help our students develop into good smart, creative, healthy, and happy individuals;

#FinnishCurriculum:  a state-of-the-art curriculum based on Finnish education system which focuses on creativity, problem solving, experiential learning and game based learning.

#FinnishTeachers: We have the highest international staff / student ratio in Kosovo. All our Finnish, International and Local teachers are qualified in their subject area and all of them have MA degree in education.

#PersonalisedLearning: This teaching method allows learning to be individualized according to each student’s strengths, tendencies and temperaments, while they continue to work collaboratively in a social context.

#ExperientalLearning: We have created an improvised town and a state-of-the-art curriculum, which stimulate our students to learn about the society and economy while developing leadership, entrepreneurship and good citizenship skills. In KOONTA, students can become whatever they want: entrepreneur, banker, president, etc.

#PhenomenonBasedLearning: in our school, there is no strict distinction between subjects or grades. Our students develop projects that involve several subjects at the same time.

#GamesBasedLearning: like no other place, our school uses games and video games to stimulate student learning and achieve learning outcomes. Students have fun while learning.

#Technology is the cornerstone of our education model. Every student has an educational iPad and start programming and robotics from the age of 6.

#LearningEnvironment we design our learning environment to support the Finnish pedagogy and approach.

#21CenturySkills: we prepare our kids to own the future and manage the robots by focusing on creativity, team work, thinking skills, learning how to learn and entrepreneurship.   

Visiting & Open Events  

Finnish School of Kosova welcomes prospective families to witness the wonder of FSK! Our admissions office is open to visitors from 7:30-17:00, Monday-Saturday (except public holidays). Experience the warm environment created by our dynamic administration, dedicated teachers and involved parent body. To schedule a campus visit, please contact (xxxxxxx). Visitors are welcomed throughout the year.

Open Events

Parents of prospective students are invited to learn more about Finnish School of Kosova at our Open House event. Parents will hear from the school Director about FSK’s mission and philosophy, and learn more specifics about each of our programs: Kindergarten/Preschool, Primary School, Low Secondary School, and Upper Secondary School.

1. We warmly welcome you, parents and other interested parties, to have a little sneak-peak to the every day of Finnish School of Kosovo!
During this open afternoon, you can:
– get to know the regular school day of Finnish School and see how the Finnish Curriculum works in action
– buy a lovely cake baked by our students and this way, support their gardening project
– see what kind of amazing project works our students have done during the spring term
– etc.

To apply, please fill out this form: https://bit.ly/2Ie6Gbx

2. Are you interested to enjoy a day of activities and a different approach to learning?

Join us for a Finnish Education Fun Day at Finnish School on January 26, 2019.

Your kids will learn #KitchenScience, #Robotics, #Arts and #Crafts using Finnish pedagogy and fun activities.

To enroll, please send an email to Kosovo@finnish.school or call 045 235 650.    


1. Why choose FSK?

 Finnish Schools International is the most innovative international school network utilizing the Finnish education system and teachers – the best in the world – combined with unique and proprietary educational technology. 

2. What is the language of instruction?

 The main language of instruction is English, but there are classes for Albanian, German and Finnish, and French language.  

3. What is curriculum students in the FSK follow?

– International/Finnish curriculum. The Finnish Core Curriculum is based on a conception of learning that sees the pupils as active actors. They learn to set goals and to solve problems both independently and together with others. Students in our school learn together and they also learn from one another. Thus creating a setting for exploring and experimentation. 

4. What is included in the tuition fees?

– Only tuition. Food, transportation, uniform and technology fee are in addition.  

5. How is pupil’s learning evaluated and do they get grades?

– The purpose of evaluation is to guide and encourage learning. In our school, each student receives a minimum of two progress reports during the year, one of which is in the form of an evaluation discussion. At the end of the school year, the student receives an end-of year report.  

6. What kind of extra- curricular activities are available at FSK?

  • Coding & Robotics 
  • Arts & Crafts Club 
  • Hiking club 
  • Dance club 
  • Short Movie making club 
  • Language supports club 
  • Cooking club 
  • Relaxing club 
  • Drawing club 

7. What does the school food menu include?

  • – Finnish School of Kosova offers only healthy food.  

8. Do pupils go abroad for study visits?  

  • Yes, Finnish School of Kosova offers many opportunities for study visits. This year our students stayed some days in Finland.  

9. How long is the school day?

  • – Schools starts at 8.30 AM and ends at 15.30 PM. 

10. Are teachers Finnish?

  • – Most of teachers in our school are Finnish.