Secondary school

Our evaluation methods focus on development in accordance with the individual learning plan objectives, not just knowledge recall and we also offer career counselling and wellbeing drop-ins to continually support students.

10 turning points in secondary education

Becoming independent learners
Individualizing learning in subjects
Following progress based on 6 weekly objectives
Becoming fluent speakers of 2 or 3 languages
Taking part in extracurricular clubs and activities
Experimenting in science labs using the most modern equipment
Using technology and programming robots
Developing knowledge in social sciences
Learning how to independently play instruments
Celebrating their learning in the student-led conference
Grades 7 to 9: Growing up as a Community Member

During the 7 to 9 grades teachers guide and support pupils during strong years of development, to provide for the completion of studies in elementary education and to inspire them into future studies in high school.

Particular care is taken to ensure that each student is given the best possible conditions for postgraduate studies and is able to reflect on their solutions on a realistic and informed basis by career guidance especially on the 9th grade.

Students are guided to understand their own development and are encouraged to accept themselves and take responsibility for themselves and their own studies, future plans, friends and the surrounding environment. Sustainability, recycling, waste sorting etc. are emphasized inside all subjects.

Students are supported in community affiliation that does not accept any form of bullying, sexual harassment, racism or any other discrimination.