Online school

Online school

A different kind of online school

Using over 60 education technology applications, we have been able to offer a personalized learning
experience for every student even during online lessons due to the pandemic. Whether experimenting with chemical ingredients in virtual labs, successfully completing coding and programming courses, learning how to play online instruments or learning another language, we have provided the most advanced technology to support our student in learning and growth.

In these links you may see some videos made by our students and teachers during the online learning:

Learn from our students

Learn from our teachers

Following the decision of the Ministry of Education, our school also closed on the same date, to continue
online learning only after two days of preparation from our teachers since technology and its usage has been implemented at our school in a daily basis at our premises. Our online learning experience has left our students and parents overly satisfied with the preparation of the teachers and the quality of
teaching delivered during these difficult times

Our parents (99%) say that their children developed new skills during online learning and that they were satisfied with the online learning outcomes. In addition to the quality education provided, students also received pastoral and psychological care online for which you can find more information here. Through School Day app, every morning, our students tell us about their mood and well-being. Based on individual data from each student, class, and the whole school, we adjust our teaching and support, and make direct interventions when necessary. Weekly individual and group meetings have been organized by teachers and counsellors as part of counselling and development plan.

Parent satisfaction survey

Our parents are satisfied with the level of psychological and moral support the teachers have shown to the children. Over 95% of our parents evaluate our pastoral care and psychological support in online learning at a great level.

“Finnish School of Kosovo has managed to bring creative ways of turning monotonous exercises in to something new and different, making online learning exciting for pupils.” – M.R., parent of 2nd grade student

“I am satisfied with online learning at Finnish School and what I have liked the most is that my child has been engaged in classes throughout the day. Besides this, students have been in constant contact with their teachers and friends which has helped them not to think much about not being able to go to school, and at the same time have been distracted from the monotony caused from this difficult situation due to the pandemic.” – Sh.Z., parent of 7th grade student

“I really like and appreciate the positivity and encouragement of teachers during the online learning because that positivity is passed on to children and it is much needed during these times. A big thank you to the teachers and school staff.” – V.H., parent of 11th grade and 8th grade students