Individualized learning

Individualized learning

At Finnish School of Kosovo, by personalizing the student’s individual learning plan, our teachers and parents have a clearer picture and know which areas need improvement. This plan serves as a mirror of the student’s progress throughout the school year thus showing the teacher the areas that need more focus for the student. This process is ongoing and students, parents, and teachers check in throughout the year to review the progress, modify the student’s personalized education plan, and adjust goals as needed.

The learning plan
  • is based on the student needs and wishes of the their previous knowledge for learning.
  • is updated three times a year as part of the assessment and evaluation meetings with parents
  • the student and the guardian, together with the teacher, participate in the drawing up and updating of the learning plan.

At Finnish School of Kosovo, students provide evidence of their learning on a daily basis in various subjects. This way, the students provide self-assessment and peer-assessment in their learning, thus developing their individual learning skills and the understanding of their learning.

Topics in each subjects are based on the individual objectives shared with the students which follow students’ progress based on the evidence of their learning. Their assessment and their progress afterwards is shared with the parents as well in order to follow their children’s progress and journey of learning

Learners’ voice

  • “I believe that the tracking sheet method has actually really clarified where my learning status is in every lesson, and it made me able to communicate with others and listen to their feedback on my work, which creates a great sense of cooperation between students.” Rayan, 11th grader at Finnish School
  • “In biology after each lesson we had to asses and put evidence of our learning. We used the color green if our knowledge was perfect, yellow if we needed to refresh our memory and red if we didn’t understand that topic very well. We then went back if needed and fixed the learning objectives based on how we improved. I personally thought it was a very efficient way of tracking our learning.” Genta, 12th grader at Finnish School
  • “Until now, the tracking sheets have been very informative, as they alerted us on what we were going to learn and if we have missed any topic by any chance. The possibility of allowing yourself to reflect on your own progress and of another peer was very rewarding. I have enjoyed the tracking sheets so far.” Nita, 12th grader at Finnish School

    “I think that the learning method we’ve been utilizing so far has proven really efficient in comprehending all the material in the subjects.” Zana, 11th grader at Finnish School

  • “Personally, I think that this is one of the most effective methods that can be used for students who enjoy learning. We can get familiar with the content for the whole academic year. Other than that, what makes this method so efficient is that you can control the pace of your own progress and then test the accumulated knowledge with your peers. If needed to refresh some past topic you can always do so by going back to the evidence of your studying.” Lyra, 11th grader at Finnish School