10 must-knows about us

The best school for your child's future

Are you searching for the best education for your child? Search no more – The International Finnish School of Kosovo is enrolling for the new academic year! In our international and world-class environment, founded on the principles of Finland’s global #1 education system, your child will receive the leading educational support. Our highly qualified international teachers provide the best learning methodology in the country for kindergarten, preschool, primary school, and high school students, enabling them to engage in a diverse environment and achieve their potential with students from various nationalities and backgrounds.

With 22 nationalities in our student body and recognition as the highest-ranking school in the country, we are THE international school of Kosovo.

Personalized individual learning plans

The uniqueness of our school lies in the special individual attention we pay to every single student without exception. By setting individual objectives and goals, we ensure each student develops in their weaker areas and reaches further with new challenges in the areas they already feel comfortable in.

Prestigious high school Cambridge diploma

We are the only school in Kosovo accredited by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (part of University of Cambridge), an internationally recognized and career-oriented program that opens doors to the most prominent universities internationally. In other words, the International Finnish School provides the most prestigious high school program on offer in the world right now.

Technology-led learning

By using the most advanced technologies including 1:1 iPads, we ensure that our students adapt easily to the latest technological approaches to learning.

Career counselling and guidance

Our careers counselor guides our students specifically according to their interests, helping them focus and prepare for both their current and future studies. As such, our students can kickstart their careers and be ready for the jobs they want to pursue in the future with our full support.

In 2019, our 11th graders had the opportunity to go to Finland and for a one-week internship, witnessing first-hand how the working environment is also an international environment.

Highly qualified international teachers

Our specialized international teachers ensure that our students obtain the necessary global skills and knowledge according to the best curriculum in the world. With international teachers from Finland, the U.K., the U.S.A., and elsewhere, we can comfortably provide quality learning and a happy environment for all.

Besides international teachers, our school also has some of the most qualified local teachers in Kosovo providing quality education through unique and creative methods.

Your creative spirit thrives here

With our unique art and music studios, our students can easily unleash their creativity through the most incredible paintings and beautiful sounds. Your child’s talent will blossom in our amazing environment supervised by our great and creative teachers.

The scientist within you

Whether in our special science labs or in virtual labs, our students experiment with the most advanced equipment necessary for them to learn the fundamentals of chemistry, biology, physics, and much more. We provide an all-inclusive environment with all the necessary lab equipment and support from teachers, so that students obtain the knowledge needed for their future studies.

Well-being and pastoral care

Equally as important as educating students to become successful is making sure that they grow as happy and healthy individuals. With special activities aimed at addressing any challenges they might face, our unique counsellors and psychologists pay special care to their development during their own personal journey.

Clubs and extracurricular activities

With the widest array of extracurricular activities, our students have the chance to join smaller communities within the school and interact with students who share similar interests in other areas. This includes reading, hiking, entrepreneurship, coding, design, and blog writing clubs, to name only a few.

Koonta – gain entrepreneurship and managerial skills

The International Finnish School of Kosovo has brought extraordinary innovation in the country with an approach to learning very unique from the traditional system. Students can reach their learning objectives by confronting different situations and solving problems for themselves, rather than just receiving answers from someone else. We refer to this teaching method as active or “experimental” learning.

May 2023